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Futura Film is the video-movie production company recently incorporated by a group of experienced professionals, well known in the cinema and communication industry: Ambrogio Lo Giudice (director), Luca Lazzaris (event organiser), Luca Bitteriln (movie organiser and executive producer), Giorgio Ciani (marketing consultant and producer), Filippo Corticelli (director of photography). Apart from sharing a consolidated experience and friendship, they are all originally from Bologna, although many of them have been working for a long time between Rome and other European countries. The love for their city has led them to establish this new movie company in Bologna, with a view to bringing back to the capital of Emilia some great video production work and bring together – for a wide range of projects – the many creative professionals born and bred in this region of Italy.


Ambrogio Lo Giudice

(Chairman) - Director and Screenwriter

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My journey as a director began in the mid 1980s when I began shooting music videos and adverts. I directed for Jovanotti, Vasco Rossi, Lucio Dalla, Paolo Conte, Fiorella Mannoia, Zucchero, and many other famous Italian artists. I was awarded an MTV Award with Jovanotti’s “L’Ombelico Del Mondo”, the only Italian in history to have done so. I have directed over 150 music videos and 150 adverts throughout my career. In 1996 I moved to London, where I lived until 2002. In 2003, my first feature-length film, “Prima Dammi un Bacio”, with Stefania Rocca and Luca Zingaretti, was released. It was awarded a Nastro Azzuro award, and was shortlisted at the Moscow International Film Festival. It was the winner at the Acapulco International Film Festival. In 2008, I directed the TV film “Ovunque Tu Sia” featuring Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, who was the winner of the Best Female Lead at RomaFictionFest 2008. From late 2008 to early 2009, I directed a TV series for Rai1, “David Copperfield” with Giorgio Pasotti, Maya Sansa and Gianmarco Tognazzi. The series attracted 25% of Rai1’s 7 million viewers, making it one of the most successful TV series. In 2010 I was asked to direct the music video “Domani”, collaborating with over 50 of the top Italian artists, which aimed to raise funds to reconstruct the Audiotorium of the town of Aquila, which was destroyed in the terrible earthquakes of that year. In spring-summer 2012, I directed 6 films for Rai 1, “Tutta la Musica del Cuore” which attracted over 6 million viewers. In 2013 I wrote the screenplay for my second feature film, a musical inspired by Lucio Dalla’s music, which is a work in progress. In 2016 I re-founded Futura Film, a film production company that I founded with Lucio Dalla at the end of the 1970s, now in collaboration with Luca Bitterlin, Gianfilippo Corticelli, Giorgio Ciani and Luca Lazzaris.


Luca Lazzaris

(CEO) - Events Producer

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I worked for more than 20 years with leading figures on the Italian music scene in the 80s and 90s, including Lucio Dalla, and subsequently Luca Carboni, acting as his manager. I planned and helped stage tours with these singers in Italy and Europe, including the Carboni-Jovanotti tour of 1992. In 1998 I took my live music experience into another – related – professional field: large scale event organization. The Heineken Jamming Festival was my first big event. In 2008 I was one of the founders of Mismaonda where I coordinated major – often experimental – productions for clients like Mercedes, Sipra, and Nokia. 2012 saw the start of the innovative festival known as La Repubblica delle Idee, open public talks sponsored by the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

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Gianfilippo Corticelli

(Partner) - Photography Director

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I was born in Bologna in 1957. Always passionate about photography I approached the film industry in a fairly random and I started working as an assistant and as an assistant cameraman before then . The first work as director of photography have been in the field of music videos, sector very much alive in the late 80's. Many accomplishments of this period , most directed by Ambrogio Lo Giudice : Jovanotti, Lucio Dalla, Vasco Rossi, Raf Luca Carboni, Paolo Conte , Sugar, Francesco De Gregori, Litfiba, Laura Pausini to name a few . Almost at the same time I started working in the advertising industry , signing a photograph during the 90 years of commercials for various brands such as Canon, Citroen , Fiat, Telecom , Heineken, Stella Artois , Ferrero, De Agostini , Tim , Vodafone, Banca Intesa. His debut as director of photography for the film is with ' Hotel Fear ' (1996) by Renato De Maria . The protagonist of the film is Sergio Castellitto with whom I worked for as a result of ' Libero Burro ' (1998 , to complete the work by Ungaro ) , ' Do not Move ' (2003) , ' The beauty of the ass ' (2009) , ' Venuto al mondo ' (2011). In 2002 the meeting with Ferzan Ozpetek for ' Facing Windows ' (nominated for the David di Donatello ) to be followed in 2004 ' Sacred Heart ' ( Flaiano Award nominations and David ) and 2006 ' against Saturn ' , until the recent ' Fasten your seatbelts ' (2013) . In recent years I have approached the digital cinema transition from living with the curiosity to new technologies. In 2012, in collaboration with the Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis for his film ' Third Person.

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Luca Bitterlin

(Partner) - Producer

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I was born in Bologna and began my career working as the executive producer of Marco Ferreri’s “Chiedo Asilo”. From then on, I have collaborated with some of Italy’s most noted directors such as Marco Bellocchio and Nanni Moretti, as well as Pupi Avati and Ermanno Olmi, Daniele Luchetti. I have planned and coordinated the production of over 60 films for both cinema and television, around 150 adverts and over 100 music videos for top Italian artists. I have filmed all over Italy; in city centres, villages and the countryside, and even in the middle of the sea. I am particularly passionate about making the most out of what my country has to offer in terms of its rich architecture and natural scenery, as well as the wide range of the services available here. I have been the president of the Digicittà consortium for many years now, as well as being a member of the board of administrators for the Cineteca of Bologna. I have also held teaching positions and have worked with the University of Bologna and Ferrara, as well as other institutions. In 2016 I founded Futura Film, together with Ambrogio Lo Giudice, Luca Lazzaris, Gianfilippo Corticelli and Giorgio Ciani. This production company was originally established by Lucio Dalla and Ambrogio Lo Giudice in the 1970s.

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Giorgio Ciani

(Partner) - Communication Consultant and Executive Producer

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As a student of Political Science in Bologna in the early 1980s, I discovered my passion for international relations and communications. I therefore decided to further my studies by taking a masters in marketing, communications and management at the SDA Bocconi in Milan. I was the Head of Communications and relations with Granarolo for over 10 years, and worked on a number of productions, from advertising campaigns (such as Teo Teocoli, Roberto Baggio, la Lola, author commercials by Gabriele Muccino), Rai’s Prix Italia, with the institution of “Communication for life award”, Dams award “Arte per la vita” with the University of Bologna. In 2010, I left Granarolo and chose to work freelance, which led me to explore various roles such as cinematographic production and brand entertainment with organisations such as the ITC group, Filmgood, Brand Cross. I also have experience in the start up world, eventually becoming a partner of NIMAI Digital Company and Home Food: Le Cesarine. In 2016, in Bologna, I founded Futura Film together with Ambrogio Lo Giudice, Luca Lazzaris, Gianfilippo Corticelli and Luca Bitterlin, a production company that was originally set up in the late 1970s by Lucio Dalla and Ambrogio Lo Giudice.

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